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Solar & Energy Efficiency solutions for Maui

We are Maui’s reliable solar installer with expertise in solar systems of any size with or without storage.

We design & build projects with reliability, punctuality and cost efficiency that result in awesome systems that slash your monthly bill and provide clean, uninterrupted power to your home or business.

And all this at a price that will beat the competition.

We apply our engineering skills to provide our customers with smart customized solutions. Let us do it for you.


Ready to Go Green?

Mana Foods Solar PV project 2021

Grid-tied PV systems for your Home or Business

OFF Grid systems


that is how much electricity has gone up in 2022

Mother earth is getting hotter every year.

With energy costs rising every year we all know what is coming: Higher electric bills.

We have hands on experience and we monitor every step of the process.

Andonis hands on
Andonis Kapsalis on the roof

With 20 years of experience developing, designing, and managing complex projects in construction, electrical engineering, retrofits, and more we simply know how to get any job done.

More than that, we have local experience in permitting, subcontracting, material sourcing and logistics.

Logistics solar LG panels

How It Works

We start with a visit to your home or business to get to know your property and your particular needs. During this visit, we initiate the following 4-step process:

Site Audit

Design solutions and decisions are only as good as the data.

This is why we start by collecting accurate data such as your MECO bill, your home loads, roof measurements and existing electrical equipment.

Solutions with $ amounts

Then we go to our office and get to work. We will present you with various design options that have direct effect to your MECO bill. No theory and no over budgeting.

We help you choose the best option for your particular financial needs and we navigate you through the tax credit ecosystem which we know very well.

Project Management

Once we sign the contract, we take care of every big or little detail.

We take care of all required Permitting with Maui County and Hawaiian Electric so you don’t have to worry at all.

Sourcing of all materials, delivery at the site, execution of the project and completion is all on us.

Rest assured we will maintain our working area clean and tidy at all times and we will leave the site the way we found it.

Sourcing materials

Project completion

At the end of the project we deliver to you a complete folder with as built drawings, final permits, the interconnection agreement with Hawaiian Electric and product warranties.

We walk you through your new system components and show you how to use the easy interfaces so you can monitor and control your devices from your phone.

This is the process you will enjoy the most!

What You Get

A clearly defined four-step process that you can follow. No hidden costs and surprises.

You will end up with a tailor-made design that fits your needs now and in the future.

Areas of expertise

Battery storage addition for homes on Maui

New builts with solar and battery

NET metering on Maui

Battery bonus program on Maui

Off Grid systems on Maui

Troubleshooting Enphase systems

Troubleshooting Outback systems

Troubleshooting Off Grid systems

Panel removal and reuse

We also specialize in affordable pre-owned solar panel systems.

Not ready for new solar panels? You don’t want to spend big $$$ but want to save on your energy bill?

We can install pre-owned panels (up to 10yr old) that still deliver above 95% of rated power. These are panels that we have removed from our clients and have inspected personally. And you can get them for a fraction of today’s price.

This way you win and the environment wins by more solar projects on Maui.

Solar Projects on Maui

Clean. Renewable. Efficient

Get in touch if you wish to deal with your high electric bill or even if you just wish to be environmentally friendly. We will engineer a customized solution for your business or home.

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