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Solar & Energy Efficiency solutions for Maui

Ready to Go Green?

We are Maui-based Electrical Engineers with experience in solar projects on Maui and a passion for saving energy by applying smart customized solutions. Let us do it for you.

Mana Foods Solar PV project 2021

Grid-tied PV systems for your Home or Business

OFF Grid systems


that is how much electricity has gone up from January till July 2022

Mother earth is getting hotter every year.

With energy costs rising every year we all know what is coming: Higher electric bills.

No BS. We have hands on experience and we monitor every step of the process.

Andonis hands on
Andonis Kapsalis on the roof

With 20 years of experience developing, designing, and managing complex projects in construction, electrical engineering, retrofits, and more we simply know how to get any job done.

More than that, we have local experience in permitting, subcontracting, material sourcing and logistics.

Logistics solar LG panels

How It Works

We will start with a visit to your business or home to get to know your property and your particular needs. During this visit, we will initiate the following 4-step process:

Site Audit

Solutions are only as good as the data. This is why we will start with an audit of your facility.

Solutions with $ amounts

We will present you with solutions that have direct effect to the bottom line. No theory and no over budgeting.

Sourcing materials

Contracting & Purchasing

We have a thorough knowledge of the local market. We take pride in hand picking the most suitable products and contractor for your project.

Project Management

Since we are engineers with a ton of field experience we will perform project management for your project. This way we want to make sure that what was designed is actually delivered.

What You Get

A clearly defined four-step process that you can follow. No hidden costs and surprises.

You will end up with a tailor-made design that fits your needs now and in the future.

Panel removal and reuse

We also specialize in affordable pre-owned solar panel systems.

Not ready for new solar panels? You don’t want to spend big $$$ but want to save on your energy bill?

We can install pre-owned panels (up to 10yr old) that still deliver above 95% of rated power. These are panels that we have removed from our clients and have inspected personally. And you can get them for a fraction of today’s price.

This way you win and the environment wins by more solar projects on Maui.

Solar Projects on Maui

Clean. Renewable. Efficient

Get in touch if you wish to deal with your high electric bill or even if you just wish to be environmentally friendly. We will engineer a customized solution for your business or home.

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