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Is your system not working properly?

We have deep understanding for Solar, both Grid-tied and Off Grid systems and components.

A poorly designed system, or an old, inefficient system can cause many headaches and sudden loss of power.

Studies show that waiting until the system stops working is not wise.

If you feel that your system is not working as it was intended to, get in touch and we will get you up and running with an upgraded system that will last many many years.


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Troubleshooting Outback system in Hana

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About us

Founded by Andonis Kapsalis, Electrical Engineer in trade, NETZERO ENERGY management is a design, development and troubleshooting energy company based on the North Shore of Maui.

Areas of expertise include grid-tied solar installations with or without battery, off-grid systems, troubleshooting existing solar systems and energy management of complex facilities.

In 2021 Andonis left his position at Rising Sun as a project manager for commercial projects and took on a variety of projects including the retrofit of MANA FOODS solar system with 380 new panels.

We believe in integrity, honesty and doing good to our community.